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Approved water filters, water filter cartridges, housings, and filtration systems.

Filters and filtration for industrial and commercial water and liquid, residential and municipal drinking water filters. From a single water filter to advanced water filters to wide ranges of water filtration systems, water center filters offers top quality and savings from online pricing.

Sediment Filters
Taste Odor Sediment Water Filters
Specialty Filter Cartridges
Filter Housings - Single Filter
Filter Housings - Multiple Filters
Filter Bags and Assemblies
Filtration Treatment Components
Commercial and Industrial Filtration
Installation Service Repair Parts

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Manage your water quality
using our filters, filtration systems, filter parts
and save money by purchasing Online.

For filtration applications, we offer an extensive line of filters, housings and systemsmanufactured for demanding jobs. Our products are found in drinking water and food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, metal working, agricultural and laboratories.

Filtration can be accomplished with a single point of use filter or a progressive filtration system. Depending on water quality requirements, water filtration systems can be assembled from a single water filter to advanced water filters to wide ranges of water filters in series or parallel designs. Water center filters offer 5 inch, 10 inch and 20 inch length water filters and multiple filter housings, Slim Line and Big Blue sizes, High Temperature and all Natural Pure Poly Housings. Cartridge housings come with Inlet / Outlet sizes from 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches with or without installation kits. Stainless steel multiple filter housings have inlet / outlet pipe sizes up to 4 inches.

If you have a specific filtration need that requires a customized filter combination, WatercenterFilters offers information, recommendations and price quotes on single water filters or cases of water filters to specialized filtration setups when you Contact Us.

Filtration Products by Category     Select product line from drop-down list, then click "Go" or Click on Category Picture at left.
sediment filter sizes range 0.5 to 50 microns.
granular activated carbon filter cartridges.
special filter cartridges for water quality.
filter housings for 10 and 20 inch filter cartridges.
Filter housings, filter cartridges, centrifugal particle separation and cartridge filtration systems.
bag filter housing accepts 1 to 200 micron.
UV Sterilizers
Filter housings, filter cartridges, centrifugal particle separation and cartridge filtration systems.
Filter mounting brackets, water filter wrenches an O-rings for water filter modules mounting and service parts.

Filtration Products by Manufacturer     Select product category from drop-down list, then click "Go"
   Third generation filtration products.
Plymouth Products
Rainbow Lifegard

Filtration Products by Certification     Select product category from drop-down list, then click "Go"
   NSF International
   U.S. Food and Drug Administration
   The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Additional case quantity discounts are available on our filters and filtration systems.
Save money by purchasing Online. Contact Us if you have questions or need more information.

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